Starting Go Programming Language.

Starting with the Go programming language from google. This part is about installing Go and setting up the environment. 1. Download and Install Go from here – after the installing, open cmd/terminal and type go. if you get the go help message, go is successfully installed. 2. Install VSCode a. download and install b. install […]

this blog is just my notepad..

So a few days back i started installed kali linux on virtual box and i soon realized, even the installation part¬† + installing a few essentials has its hiccups and i started making notes so that i remember them in future. So i, created a word file and jotted down some points there, had some […]

The Beginning…

before college, i was fascinated and hooked to computers (only gaming) and never knew any other side of it. I chose computer science as my B.Tech degree course and was really really happy about it. I knew i would be happy with my most favorite thing in the world. When the college started, i liked […]